ring designs for girls

Rings are a kind of jewellery that symbolically imparts tradition and culture. They carry spiritual meanings and portray ethnic values, especially during occasions and weddings. Rings have a deep significance in both religious and traditional beliefs.

Types Of Rings

The different types of Indian rings are:

Hand Rings

People wear rings on their fingers as an ornament in various metals. Wearing rings on the fingers also have a scientific reason; it is because they are connected to the nerves from the heart to the brain. The principle and science behind wearing finger rings are, it will create constant friction and improve brain health tremendously; lets see how:

  • In the index finger, the nerves are connected to the brain that helps to reach the capacitor neurons.
  • Wearing rings on the middle finger will help the nerves pass through the brain’s divider line and prevent confusion.
  • Ring fingers are the ones that connect the nerves directly to the heart.
  • The tiny finger controls the brain and intervenes in the thought process effectively in a positive way.
  • Wearing rings on the thumb finger will help stimulate pleasure hormones.

Toe Rings

Toe rings are worn by all Hindu women in India on both the second toe of the feet. These toe rings are mostly worn in silver and are not removed. There are many health benefits associated with these silver toe rings. Applying slight pressure on the nerves helps women because it is directly connected to the uterus. The nerve on the second toe regulates the menstrual cycle and keeps the women’s uterus healthy. At the same time, it is worn by unmarried women on their third toe. This will help to ease out their period pain. Eventually, this acupressure is known to help the reproductive system stay healthy.

Ear Rings

Earrings are worn extensively as regular wear jewellery by most women. It improves eyesight and the different ring designs for girls adds charm to the face. The nerves are connected to the reproductive organs and the eyes, hence wearing them acts as an acupuncture effect on the body that will aid and ease various menstrual problems. One more significant advantage of piercing the ear is, it keeps the food cravings in check as they are connected to the hunger points.

Nose Rings

Nose rings are either worn on the right, left or both sides of the nose and is a significant adornment for Indian women. Real diamond nose pins for women is a fashion accessory or worn as a status symbol. But there are scientific reasons to state why it is essential for women. A pierced nose is seen to control feelings and emotions like energy, sentiment and numerous sexual emotions. It is believed that women with pierced nostrils are emotionally solid and challenging to hypnotise or spellbound. Furthermore, it is seen to strengthen the ovaries and aid women to handle labour easily. It is also associated with reducing the pain during delivery and also driving away various negative energies.

The rings are usually worn in gold as they are durable and do not tarnish quickly. Indians believe that gold can purify everything and stands as a sign of both wealth and power. But certain ornaments like the foot rings that are adorned below the waist are primarily worn in silver to respect the divine metal gold. One more expensive metal that is widely used for the nose, ear and finger rings are platinum. These are hypoallergenic and ideal for people who are prone to allergies.



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