Efficient Packing Tips

With February being almost over, we can’t wait to get out of the winter slumber and finally enjoy the warm and sunny days. Spring is a wonderful time to travel, as the touristic destinations aren’t as crowded as during summer or the Christmas season and you can peacefully enjoy all the beauties that a city has to offer.

If this spring you plan on going on a vacation, we have a few tips that will help you pack efficiently and be prepared for anything.

Make a list

You might not like it and you might consider it a distraction from the process of actually packing your luggage, but the future you will definitely be grateful for taking a bit of time and making a list of everything you need to pack. A few days prior to your departure write down all the things you want to put in your luggage; if you’re short on time, there are plenty of great templates that you can find online with things that one generally needs to get when traveling. Don’t forget to pack the list as well, as it will be of great help when packing for coming back home, as you will see exactly what you brought and won’t forget anything in the hotel room or the AirBnb.

Pack solid toiletries

If you’re traveling only with a backpack or a carry-on and you have a lot of liquid toiletries that you’d like to bring, think about which of them you can replace with the solid ones. For example a soap bar will clean you even better than a shower gel, while solid shampoo, although using it might feel strange in the beginning, will make your hair cleaner and healthier than a regular one. The LUSH company is well-known for their solid toiletries, from conditioner bars to toothpaste tubs, so you might find there anything you might need while on vacation.

Pack outfits, not individual clothes

If you know exactly the period of time for which you’re going to be traveling, it is better to pack outfits rather than simply throw clothes into your luggage. Your clothes need to be multifunctional and suitable both for sightseeing and going on a random trip in the woods. Merino wool Irish sweaters are a garment that experienced travelers swear by, as they are suitable for any occasion and have great insulating properties so you won’t need to worry about freezing or sweating. Our advice is to wear a merino wool Irish sweater as the one found on this website on the plane: this way you will save up space in your luggage while also being cozy and comfortable while traveling.

Opt for wrinkle-proof fabrics

If you’re not traveling to an official conference or a black tie event that requires you to wear formal attire, forget about button-up shirts and dressy pants and pack only those clothes that look good regardless if you’ve ironed them or not. For example when it comes to outdoor clothes, a sturdy denim jacket or one made of a water-proof fabric is less likely to get wrinkles than a basic cotton one, so your outfits will always look on point. The same goes for any other garment: if you can replace it with one made of wrinkle-proof fibers, do it and you won’t have to worry about outfits.

Bring medicine

Apart from the regular pills that you know you might need such as the ones for headaches, mild laxatives, and antacid, don’t forget to bring some allergy medication. Even if you think you don’t have any allergies, you never know how your body will react to certain products, condiments, or spices of a different culture and it is better to be safe than sorry.

Never pack your suitcase

The golden rule to keep in mind when going on a vacation is that you should leave at least a third of your suitcase empty for all the souvenirs for your loved ones and the things that you will buy there. This is especially important if you’re going to places like Paris or London that are known for their high-fashion boutiques or vintage stores where everyone can find something that they would like to bring home.

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