Real Estate Transaction Tracker

Real estate agents use a real estate transaction tracker to organize home purchasing information. This includes leads, interactions, and properties, which assist clients in acquiring the ideal houses to call homes. With a good real estate transaction tracker, you can provide all legitimate parties with order updates and secure documents. This saves authorized parties valuable time and enhances efficiency. It also enables people to access transaction data anywhere at any time, 24/7.

Why Work with a Real Estate Transaction Tracker

It is also flexible working with a real estate transaction tracker since you can rearrange its layout easily. With a real estate transaction tracker, you can rename columns, tabs, and labels to achieve the look you want. You can also view your information in the best way possible by either using the card or calendar modes. Furthermore, you can cross-check available houses with your likely leads to find the perfect properties for your clients.

If you aim to keep track of your client’s home buying needs expertly, having a real estate transaction tracker is the way to go. A real estate transaction tracker ensures that monitoring the status of home buying and organizing all relevant information results in a professional spreadsheet. This leads to rendering the best service possible to clientele.

How it Works

You can upload documents, contact information, and status of order tasks to soft pro live software easily and quickly. You can do this directly from the soft Pro order. This makes the process of uploading the necessary information and documents easy since there is no need to re-key data.

Activities related to the transaction are also up-to-date due to the automatic email notification capability which this software has. You can also create a completely personalized experience for your clients since you control the level of access for your customers. This software also enables you to set regulations regarding who can access your information and when they can do so.

Competitive Edge

A real estate transaction tracker gives you a completive edge since it is highly efficient, organized and it allows your clients’ guests access to view documents related to each transaction. This enables you to serve your clients better while having adequate time to look for new clients. You can also access files from any device, such as a laptop or smartphone, easily.

 Reality Commander

This tool has innovative features like Google, calendar integration, and document approval. These features enable you to stay ahead of your competition since you can anticipate your clients’ needs and meet their expectations in the best way possible.


In conclusion, it is important to have a good system in place to adequately address your clients’ home purchasing needs and preferences. A good real estate transaction tracker software can help you achieve this. It can do this by providing relevant parties with secure documents and order updates. This increases efficiency, therefore, saving the parties involved time. An ideal real estate tracking system ensures adequate monitoring and organizing of vital documents. It also uploads documents and important information quickly and with ease, therefore, streamlining the otherwise cumbersome uploading process. A personalized experience is also created for your clients since this software gives you control of the access level for your clients.

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