Pichwai painting

India is a diverse land. It’s the country that can best be described through colours, festivals, and rituals. Just like India, Indian paintings are a depiction of tradition, which is passed down from generation to generation. From the magnificent Kalighat paintings to the 400 years old Pichwai paintings, ancient art pieces look beautiful and awe-inspiring in traditional-themed home decor. You can never go wrong with antique decor items as they have the potential to give your home a timeless look.

Internet and social media prove to be a boon as they end up giving us countless options to choose from. But, how do you select what will look perfect for your home collection? It is a challenge. Isn’t it? To help you make a wise decision, we have got some ideas for you. So, if you are finding a dose of inspiration for painting styles, you need to check this blog out!

1. Pichwai Paintings

Every Indian must have heard about Lord Krishna’s life. His good deeds, unconditional love for Radha, and especially, his childhood tales. These historical stories are a glorious part of our Indian culture. The art form that portrays tales from Lord Krishna’s life is called the Pichwai painting. Pichwais are massive Hindu painted pictures, mostly on cloth, painted by a group of artists. Pichwai art has gain immense appreciation over the years by numerous artisans and these gorgeous styles are today used into enhancing the beauty of sarees, shawls, and kurtas. These artworks can now be seen not only in temples but also in homes and buildings around the world. Moreover, you can hang these intricate paintings on the walls in any direction without giving much thought as there is no religious motive behind them. You can buy Pichwais for your living room to brighten up the walls or simply to keep this grand craft as a keepsake.

2. Kalighat Paintings

Another ancient style is Kalighat painting. This traditional form of art gives your home an ethnic yet exotic vibe. Originated in West Bengal as a unique form of Indian painting, Kalighat painting is a depiction of Hindu gods and deities, and events from everyday life. These paintings are reflected by a variety of themes and still continue to mesmerize artists in contemporary India. Not many people know that in the creation of the Kalighat painting, an entire family used to get involved. Each member had a specific task to perform like grounding the colours to prepare dyes, making all arrangements for the piece, or adding the final touches. Although the task seems easy to do, it is equally complicated. From the Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata to the Naprstek Museum, Prague, today you will see these paintings in galleries and museums across the world. Kalighat painting’s religious appeal will inspire your home with a spiritual mood.

3. Pattachitra Paintings

Every art lover will surely get fascinated by Pattachitra Painting. This ancient style is widely used nowadays to create art pieces for decors, such as paintings, bags, wall hangings, umbrellas, and bookmarks, to name a few. Pattachitra art from Odisha and West Bengal originally depicted tales of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, and Subhadra. Preserving the authenticity, these paintings of even present times show the evergreen tales of Radha and Krishna and Lord Ganesha. As the name speaks, Pattachitra is a kind of scroll painting, commonly done on cloth. Interestingly, artists begin with preparing the canvas by coating the cloth with a mixture of chalk and gum. This decor item is a superb option to make your house channelize an Indian feel, giving it the much-needed lift. Displaying an old tradition, this unique art is all you need to add a decorative feel.


These smart painting ideas will give your home an antique look without spending too much. Not only will this be a sure-fire way to add life and energy to any space but will also transform the personality of your home like never before. Depicting Gods and Goddesses, these paintings will give you appreciation and also a sense of vintage nostalgia. So, if you are looking for showstopper Indian art paintings, all you have to do is have an eye on such creative artworks and grab them for your offices and homes. Which one is your pick? Let us know!

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