Personal Gear Designed for Safety

A good day in the jumping ring or on the trail begins with the rider donning basic safety gear, specifically a helmet and boots.

Horse training and riding demand the use of proper personal gear and equipment maintained in good condition. A rider needs a helmet and boots, plus accessories depending on the type of riding. Likewise, a riding stable or an equestrian center needs an arena for lessons and practice, plus equipment, such as a tractor to smooth the riding surface and a pole bracket caddy for storing jumping rails.

Dress To Ride

Riding gear is designed for comfort, ease of movement, and protection. Below are some tips about  must-have gear:

A helmet: Wearing a helmet is crucial protection in case of a fall or other accident while riding or handling a horse. Buying a new, properly fitting helmet is worth the expense. Helmets are equipment that must be owned by motorcyclists. Because helmets are the most important and also the most important for the safety of motorcyclists. If you are a motorbike rider, you must already have a helmet, because usually, this helmet is also a package with a motorized vehicle, if you buy a new motorbike. Nowadays, there are many types of helmets that have unique and interesting designs, so many buy new helmets and even collect them, but the helmets purchased still have to conform to official standards.

Boots: Riding boots offer protection for legs and feet whether riding or leading a horse. While on horseback, boots can help maintain proper placement of feet in the stirrups, and boots enhance the use of legs to give commands. On the ground, boots help protect feet and toes when a horse steps on them.

Pants: Jeans often are worn for riding. Tighter-fitting breeches of stretchy material may be more comfortable and easier to move in. Bulky seams in jeans may cause chafing, and loose-fitting pants may slide up.

Vests, gloves and chaps are among additional items are worn for protection in various types of riding.

Wear Proper Gear  

Each outing with a horse offers familiar moments and new experiences.

Like other sports, wearing proper gear forms a safety mindset and helps riders prepare for the unknowns of a game. For a rider, putting on boots and a helmet is key to preparing for a safe and pleasurable time with horses.

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