Advantages & Disadvantages of Blockboard

There are different types of engineered man-made wood available in the market, like plywood, particleboard and blockboard, among others. Each of these woods has its own unique set of properties, manufacturing processes as well as pros and cons. A blockboard is created out of multiple blocks of wood that are then sandwiched together using different types of chemicals and glued together under very high pressure.

What makes a block board different is that it is better than particleboard–it has excellent stability and durability, and is weather-resistant. All these factors make it ideal for use in furniture and other household items. However, as with any materials, blockboards also come with their set of advantages and disadvantages and this is very important to know before purchasing or building any item out of this material.

Here is a list of pros and cons that will help you understand if blockboards are the right choice for you.

The advantages of blockboard

  • Blockboards are lighter in weight as compared to many other types of wood like plywood and can be easily transported to any location without any hassle.
  • They are more cost effective when compared to their counterparts.
  • Blockboards are very durable and easy to maintain, which greatly reduces the long term costs involved.
  • Compared to particle boards, blockboards can be either boiling water proof or moisture-resistant, stronger, and therefore, can be used in almost any interior environment.
  • They can hold screws and nails very easily and you can be sure they will very rarely break or fall apart.
  • This wood is widely used in furniture like bookshelves, drawers and others, wall panels, partition walls, bus bodies, and more, owing to the fact that it is comparatively stronger and longer lasting than other building materials.
  • Blockboards are considered to be an eco-friendly product due to its manufacturing process.

The disadvantages of block board

  • Compared to plywood, a blockboard is lighter in weight due to its construction and hence does not provide the same amount of durability and strength.
  • Nailing this board has to be done with the utmost care as if small gaps are left inside the core the nail force may reduce leading to reduced strength.
  • You must always be sure to check the quality of the wood. Cheap, low-quality wood can lead to it being attacked by termites, insects, mold, and even decay.

The Takeaway

CenturyPly blockboard is used in several constructions due to its superior quality, right from household furniture to making benches, bookshelves, wall panels, , flooring, interior design, and more. It is more reliable than most wood and can be sourced at a reasonable rate. Customers can pick the type of blockboard they require depending on the project that they need it for. This type of wood is a sensible and suitable choice if you want a long-lasting product, comes in a wide range of choices, and will make a great investment for your office or household.

Take your time to research the qualities of the wood and visit the outlet or get in touch with CenturyPly customer care to know more about the blockboard collection.

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