All About Macrame Embroidery

Macrame may be a sort of crafting technique to form different types of textiles using knots. during this blog, we’ll mention Macrame types, supplies, and the way to urge started. Macrame has gained popularity in recent years. Artists, crafters, embroidery digitizers, and illustrators had come up with ways to require this art technique from the essential plant hangers to elegant wall hangings.

Macrame had been in and out of recognition and other people had been practicing this age-old technique for years. The tactic will always be there to some extent within the future thanks to its practicality. With Macrame, you’ll make some amazing items like key chains, table runners together with your hands employing a few inexpensive supplies.

Keep reading to find out more about macrame; how it came to be and the way to urge started.

How to start With Macrame

To learn Macrame, you’ll choose any DIY project or purchase something from a home goods store and add Macrame to your decor. You’ll begin with an easy project so you are not frustrated at the end of the day.

To become an expert during this craft, knots play an integral part in the process and can assist you to work out more complex knotting techniques.

Common Macrame Supplies

  • Leather
  • Yarn
  • Jute
  • Mountain rings
  • Twine
  • Hemp
  • Wooden Beads

It is a sensible step to use items you have already got before you purchase a whole stock of macrame supplies. It’s always to possess a way of acclamation before you invest in equipment. Pick anybody mounting ring and a thread type. Look for a board you’ll work on at your house. You’ll find specific macrame pins to connect the thread to your board.

Bonus Tip: Use safety pins for your first project to save lots of some bucks.

A Brief History of Macrame

For people having a bowing acquaintance with this art, they revisit the bohemian-inspired wall hangings of the 1960s and 70s. However, some suggest that the origins of this system began within the 13th century. While others believe that the traditional Babylonians and Persians used this system in artifacts dating to BC centuries.

In the era, Macrame is taken into account an art that was delivered to the West from the Arab countries. Stitchers and weavers from this region used different knotting techniques for completing the woven edges, shawls, rugs, and tapestries.

As with the distribution of the textiles throughout Europe, more and more people began knitting as a hobby. During the 17th century, the technique had reached England. There, the women were taught this art under the guidance of Queen Mary II.

But women weren’t the sole practitioners of Macrame. Knotting was how to remain engaged and be productive. This ultimately resulted in the spreading of this art through Europe. Soon this art became a sort of trade where popular Macrame items like hats, belts, hammocks were sold.

What Makes Something Macrame

Macrame is that the method or technique of crafting a textile that uses a couple of knots to make a bit and performance it. You’ll make each knot together with your hands. The sole tool you’ll need maybe a mounting ring for keeping the item so while you’re employed.

For an item to be called Macrame, it should incorporate a minimum of one macrame knot. For the bulk, generally, Macrame projects are made from a couple of knots. However, you’ll also find Macrame elements combined with other techniques like knitting or weaving.

Types of Macrame Knots

There are ample macrame knots you’ll learn. The knots are often simple or complex. The 2 commonest sorts of knots are the knot and therefore the half knot. Our recommendation is to use one among these knots if you’ve got just started and become comfortable with it before moving to a different knot.

Other knots include the half knot spiral, the knot, the lark’s head, the knot, and therefore the gathering knot. You’ll follow how-to guides and tutorials online if you’re stuck completing the knot.

Project Ideas for Macrame

There is such a lot you’ll do with Macrame. There are ample Macrame project variations you’ll make on your own. Once you’re familiar with knitting, you’ll be ready to make your own unique designs on different fabrics. Here are some ideas you’ll choose Macrame projects:

  • Fringe on other textiles
  • Belts
  • Wall hangings
  • Key chains
  • Planters
  • Jewelry

The good part about Macrame is that folks of all ages enjoy this craft. Once you begin practicing it, you’ll have countless project ideas for Macrame.


This is all you’ll get to realize Macrame. Follow these steps and you will be able to achieve macrame designs. If you continue to have any questions on Macrame or custom embroidery digitizing especially, you can reach us at Migdigitizing. we’ll be happy to assist you with your queries.

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