How to Start a Gaming Channel on YouTube and Become a Top-Gamer

Gone are the days when playing video gamers was considered a waste of time. With YouTubers like Ninja and PewDiePie making thousands of dollars by live-streaming their game play on YouTube, many aspiring gamers want to know the tricks to grow a gaming channel and get YouTube subscribers. If you’re one of them, we’re here to help. In this article, we have put together a comprehensive guide on how to make your gaming channel more popular on YouTube and generate revenue from different sources while playing video games.  

Why Gaming Channels Become Highly Popular on YouTube?

Before we give away the tips to grow your gaming channel, let’s first understand why they become so popular on YouTube. According to a recent study, almost 65% of the USA’s population (aged between 13 and above) play video games on a regular basis. This means these kids will be more than happy to watch a 2-hour live stream of a streamer playing their favorite video game. And, since every teenager has access to the Internet these days, it makes complete sense that gaming channels have millions of YouTube subscribers.

Tips to Grow Your Own Gaming Channel

Now that you know the reason behind the immense popularity of YouTube gamers, let’s start with the tips that’ll help you start and grow your own gaming channel.  

Decide Your Niche and Content-Type

Starting a gaming channel is not just about choosing a particular game and commenting while completing its levels. You can also think out of the box and make unique content to attract a specific group of audience. For instance, whenever someone starts playing a new game, they want to get familiar with its environment. 

Instead of going through the built-in tutorial, people often tend to watch quick walk throughs on YouTube. Similarly, when gamers get stuck at a specific level in the game, they tend to go to YouTube to watch tutorial videos. So, if you haven’t started your channel yet, make sure to decide your niche so that you can target a specific group of people and get instant YouTube subscribers more easily. 

Invest in the Right Equipment

Starting a gaming channel on YouTube is just like starting a new business from scratch. If you’re going to live stream your game play on YouTube, you’ll have to make the initial investment and buy certain equipment such as a webcam, microphone, and obviously a powerful laptop/PC that can help you play heavy-duty games without any interruption. 

However, if you don’t want to invest heavily in the beginning, you can also live stream games from your smartphone. Many YouTube gamers, including Ninja, sometimes use their smartphones to play video games while live streaming on YouTube. Just remember that you’ll have to be unique with your livestreams as this will make your channel distinctive on YouTube. 

Buy Subscribers for Your Channel

Since 15% of YouTube content revolves around gaming-related topics, it’s safe to say that becoming a top-rated gamer on YouTube will most likely be a challenge for beginners. The good news is that you can easily tackle this situation by simply buying subscribers for your channel. 

When you’ll buy YouTube subscribers, your gaming content will automatically reach your potential viewers. And, with other marketing tactics in place, you’ll be able to grow the overall subscriber count on your channel in no time. Sapiyo is one of the most reputed platforms to buy subscribers for your channel. Irrespective of your niche, Sapiyo will help you get target subscribers and grow your gaming channel immensely. Once you’ve got the desired number of subscribers, you can start live streaming regularly on your channel and you’ll be able to earn a decent revenue easily.  

Final Words

If you love video games and want to pursue your career as a professional gamer, this is the right time to start a gaming channel on YouTube. With people like Ninja making millions of dollars in a year, it’s safe to say that YouTube is the most suitable platform to create gaming content and earn money by doing what you enjoy the most. Simply follow the above-mentioned tricks and you’ll be able to grow your YouTUbe channel without any hassle.

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