curtains for a sophisticated loo

The ambience and tone of the room get affected by colour you add to the room. Apart from the walls and floor, most rooms have curtains that affect the flow of a room. Curtains started being used for privacy. Curtains dictate the way the room looks. The curtain design, colour, length, and thread count all affect the impact of curtains on rooms.

Let us look at some types of curtains that you can put up in your home.

  1. Sheer curtains – Sheer curtains are made of translucent fabric that let in light abundantly. They don’t provide a lot of privacy. These are great for when you need a partition between 2 rooms. These are great as decorative curtains as well. Small designs, embroidery, prints can make sheer curtains look better.
  2. Blackout curtains – Blackout curtains are useful when you need to create a dark room. These kinds of curtains have a backing behind the fabric which makes sunlight impossible to pass through. These kinds of curtains are great for bedrooms. The best way to ensure the effectiveness of blackout curtains is by making sure they touch the ground and the curtain rod is completely covered by the curtain. Matching the bedroom lamps with these curtains can look gorgeous. Sheer curtains can also be used as an additional backing for blackout curtains.
  3. Panel curtains – Panel curtains can be a single panel or double panel. For a door, single panel curtains are ideal. For ceiling to floor doors, double panel curtains can look good. Double panel curtains can also be used inside the house and add a decorative flair.
  4. Window set – Window sets are best for smaller windows or kitchen windows. The entire set can have a valance along with curtains. These are generally lighter in colour and opaque as they provide privacy and don’t restrict light from entering.
  5. Valance – Valance is a short and decorative curtain that hangs on top of your curtains. You can use a valance with blinds and with curtains as well. A valance is traditionally used to hide the curtain rods, but it adds an extra appeal.
  6. Drapes – Drapes are heavy curtains that are used mainly for decorative purposes. These are used in coordination with curtains. Drapes are heavy and when closed, and don’t allow light to pass through. Drapes look great even when they are opened as they have a rich colour and the flow of the fabric gives a royal look to the curtains.
  7. Window scarves – This is a fairly new way of decorating your windows. A window scarf is a long fabric that is draped aesthetically over a curtain road. You can drape the fabric unevenly to make the windows look more dramatic.
  8. Tabs – Curtains can look dramatically different based on the different types of tabs that are used. Hidden tabs make the curtain rod disappear completely and make the curtains look like one panel. Pleated tabs make the curtains look pleated even when the curtains are drawn. Tab tops are made of the same fabric as the curtains.

Curtains can help make your room classy and more elegant. Do your research before you settle on a choice. Pick your curtains and get draping!

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