Beta-alanine is a popular supplement for athletes and workout enthusiasts. It positively impacts performance, fitness, and overall health. It is a non-essential amino acid that limits carnosine levels. Meaning you can only increase your carnosine levels by taking more extra beta-alanine. Therefore, you need to know how to use it to enjoy its benefits by having optimal carnosine levels.

How to increase beta-alanine in your body

The most effective way of increasing beta-alanine is by using its supplements. Beta-alanine supplements are safe and rich in beta-alanine for faster and more effective results. Also, you can increase beta-alanine intake through your diet. You can get it from meat, fish, poultry, or some protein powder.

What can beta-alanine do for you?

The use of beta-alanine can benefit you in many ways. Some of the things it can do include:

Improving your performance

Beta-alanine helps you improve your athletic or workout performance. Its supplements increase carnosine concentration which lowers fatigue levels. Without fatigue, you can exercise more and achieve better results.

Reduce muscle fatigue

Hydrogen ions your body produces during exercise lower PH levels, making your muscles more acidic. Higher acidity results in muscle fatigue during workouts. Beta-alanine supplements reduce the production of ions, delaying fatigue and increasing muscle power.

Improve your muscle endurance

One of the crucial benefits of beta-alanine is delaying muscle fatigue. The decrease means you will have more muscle energy and power to work out for a more periods without getting tired.

Increase your strength

By delaying fatigue, beta-alanine allows you to work out for more sessions. Increasing the number of sessions is an ideal opportunity to increase muscle mass and strength. It enables you to attain optimal peak power and output and push past your thresholds.

How does beta-alanine work?

Beta-alanine combines with histidine in your body. The merge results in increased levels of an essential dipeptide known as carnosine. Carnosine is a crucial element that prevents your muscles from becoming too acidic.

The amount of carnosine your body will have depends on the amount of beta-alanine. Taking beta-alanine supplements will increase the carnosine concentration. The increase will result in delayed fatigue and total workout volume.

During exercise, your acidity levels can increase. The lower PH adversely affects muscular performance and increases the occurrence of muscle cramps. Also, your muscle may fail to work when the PH is extremely low.

So, ensuring your PH is okay is essential as it allows your muscles to contract at similar power levels for longer durations. As a result, you’ll have more strength, speed, and endurance.

Who should not use beta-alanine?

Like other supplements, beta-alanine is not for everyone. Some people are sensitive to it and may experience side effects. The effect mainly includes a tingling feeling known as paresthesia. Also, some people can notice that their skin itches after taking beta-alanine.

However, beta-alanine is safe, and the effects are harmless. Breaking your dose into smaller units can help reduce the effects. If the side effects persist, you should avoid the supplements and seek a medical prescription.


Despite your time and effort, you might fail to reach your goals. Fortunately, beta-alanine supplements help you to push past your limits seamlessly; the key is learning how to use them. If you’re considering using beta-alanine, the above information will give you insight into how to use the supplements.

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