Use Of Social Media Spy Apps is a Necessary in the Marketing Business

Man is clever. He uses and recycles everything for personal benefit. Let us take the example of a cell phone. It was meant for contacting people leaving far away. In the past just listening to a call cost you money. With time and technological advancement look at the present state of a cell phone. The thing that was meant for calling can now take pictures, send emails,can be your teacher,employee,friend, and many more. This is all thanks to the human mind and modern technology. Similarly, things that were meant for entertainment can be wisely used as a marketing tool to promote business. Am talking about social media apps like FaceBook,Instagram,What’s App, and other instant messaging apps.  These apps are free marketing tools and can promote your product or services to a versatile audience in a short period.

Most of the companies hire special public relations and marketing teams that are responsible for the promotion of products through these apps. But as we all know these social media platforms can be a source of diversion as well so monitoring of the particular marketing or PR team is also a mandatory task. One can use monitoring software or spy app like OgyMogy as they provide social media spy app services for the users. There are several kinds of spy apps available,each one has different pros and cons.We are going to talk about the efficient one The OgyMogy.

Instgram Screen Recorder:

Instagram is commonly used to promote products and services. It is the hub of so-called influencers and Vloggers. Different companies use this platform to promote their products. With an Instagram, screen recorder make sure your employees are updating the account frequently. Customer attention is the key in the case of digital promotions thus it assures that employees are not busy taking selfies during working hours.Every activity of Instagram is recorded for the user with complete timestamp information.

FaceBook Screen Recorder:

Keep an eye on the official page activities with the Facebook screen recorder feature.Monitor the promotional post and comment section and make sure your employees are answering the queries of the customers politely and timely. With a Facebook screen recorder use of any foul or abusive language will be flagged out immediately. In case of the use of any foul language or misbehavior from the employees on the official page, an employer can take action against the employee and save the company reputation on the online platform. This feature can also be used to protect employees from toxic customers.

WhatsApp Screen Recorder:

It offers a WhatsApp screen recorder feature that allows the user to monitor the WhatsApp chat of the target employees. It gives remote access to the group chat and media shared through the app as well. Make sure the employee responds appropriately and satisfy customer needs. Record of every chat will make the employees more careful about their conversation with the customers.  Stop the employees to have a free frank conversation with the customers as that can make them uncomfortable.

Line Screen Recorder:

Line screen recorder is another instant messaging app that can be used as a quick tool to respond to customers. Line screen recorder gives remote access to complete chat details call and media record of the app.

Busy Boss? Use OgyMogy Dash Board :

If you are a busy boss and have no time for real-time monitoring don’t worry. It has provided the best solution for you. Spy app saves all the social media activities recording with complete time stamp information on the dashboard. Users can access the dashboard at any time and check the recordings. In case of any suspicious activity, you can even download the recording from the dashboard to your device.

The use of social media spy app can help all those employers who want to monitor the employee’s activities during the working hours.  As a social media user and an employee, I can see why it is necessary as sometimes we waste precious time on useless browsing just because we have installed social media apps on our smartphones. This habit of employees especially young employees can be tracked by using the spy app.

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