The Benefits of Having A Pole Caddy

A pole caddy is essentially a shelf where you can store the bars of your horse jumps when they are not being used. You can either have a mobile caddy, which consists of a long floor attached to a set of wheels and two racks on either end, or you can simply place brackets against a fence or a wall. It is in the space between the brackets and the wall or floor that you would hang up your jumping bars after a round of practice or a tournament.

A lot of good can come from having pole caddy brackets to store the long pieces of your course equipment when they are not being used. Keeping your poles up high will stop them from being damaged by people or animals that may step on them or vehicles that may accidentally run them over. This placement also keeps your poles away from any moisture you may find on the ground or in the dirt of a paddock. Also, being on the ground can cause your bars to become messy and this can make them look unprofessional. Maybe with a pole caddy you can make it easier when training with your beloved horse. The tool is also very easy to use when assembling it and can be arranged according to your wishes. The tool is also strong when your horse is hit by your horse while practicing, you and your horse jump over it.

Getting a mobile pole caddy with wheels gives you even more benefits. A mobile pole caddy can be dragged around a course as you set up your jumps. This saves you the effort that can come with having to carry the bars yourself and helps speed up the process of setting up. Being able to transport poles faster can also have the advantage of getting them away from factors that may damage them quickly, such as rain, hail, tornadoes, or fires.

A pole caddy can be a great help when it comes to managing your jumping equipment. You can keep your equipment up to standard more easily and can get it where it is needed more easily.You can have a movable caddy, which consists of a long floor attached to a set of wheels and two shelves at either end, or you can place brackets on a fence or wall. A mobile pole caddy can be dragged around the field as you adjust your jump.

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