V Reddy Kancharla

Having a hobby ensures you reduce stress and helps you enjoy life to a great extent. You can choose from a wide range of hobbies like dancing, knitting, traveling, photography and lots more. With recreations, you are able to get an enhanced sense of purpose and belonging with success.

There is a common misconception that hobbies are meant for younger people. This is not true. As you get older, you can embrace new hobbies that appeal to you. For instance, if you always loved music and wanted to learn how to play the guitar, you can assume it after 50 and spend some time every day playing your favorite musical instrument as a hobby.

V Reddy Kancharla is an expert in civil engineering in the USA. He has over 25 years of credible experience in his career. He has served as the president, former Vice President, and Chief Engineer of a significant construction QA/AC firm in the NYC metropolitan area. He has played an instrumental role in the building and designing of many residential and commercial projects in Jersey and the metro area of New York.

It is never too late for you to start a new hobby 

According to him, most people do not have much to do after they reach the age of 50 years. They are well-settled, and their kids are grown up. Hobbies can boost your work performance and give you a sense of purpose for life. You will get a feeling of happiness, and the pursuit makes you more focused and enthusiastic towards life. This feeling will improve your mental health and relationships with others.

Do something you love 

If you are searching for a new hobby, look for one you love and would be happy to do every day. Some people love traveling and this can be a hobby as well. You can take two or three trips near to places far off. You can travel as frequently as you can as you have more time now than you had in the past for nearby locations.

Hobbies do not have to be expensive

Your hobby does not have to be expensive like photography. You can hone your photography skills with everyday items at home if you have a smartphone. For instance, during the Pandemic, you are mostly advised to stay safe at home, especially in places where the new variants of the coronavirus are emerging. You can make good use of your time at home and photograph everyday items and share the pictures with your friends on Instagram instantly.

According to V Reddy Kancharla, choose a hobby that keeps you busy after 50 years. There are immense benefits to doing something you like. The brain gets engaged, and you will feel a surge of happiness that fills your body when you are with your hobby. It helps you kill isolation and enhances cognitive and physical health to a large extent!

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