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Menstrual cups have lots of benefits that you have to know. It is environmentally friendly and offers good leak protection. But you might doubt whether it will be the right choice for you. The menstrual cup is a small, flexible cup made from rubber or silicone. You can insert it in your vagina to collect your menstrual flow. You must remove the cup and wash it with soap and water before using it. Using the menstrual cup when it is your first time trying will take some time.

You can do anything.

A moxie menstrual cup has twice or more times the capacity of a giant pad or a super tampon. It means there is less time for you to go and get change in your bathroom. Once you insert it, you will not feel anything and be comfortable doing anything you like during the day. And since you cannot handle it inside, you have the time to do activities. Nothing will stop you when you are on your period because you will not worry about the strings, flaps, and leaks. You can ride a bike or horse and do anything you like to do.

Easy to use

You will be comfortable doing it when you learn to insert and remove the menstrual cup. It is like a new thing; you must keep practicing until you are comfortable doing it. The steps in using the cup are to look at what fits you, insert and remove the cup and clean it. It is all you have to do when you use a cup. You will get used to it once you know the proper process.

Save money

It can save you money when you use a menstrual cup because there will be fewer disposable products. It can keep you from ending up in a landfill. You have to compare using disposable pads that you have to buy on an average year. A menstrual cup is you can reuse for the next coming years because it comes in handy.

Healthy vagina

You usually have to compare the two products when buying for your period. The cups are healthier to use for your body. It will not have any harmful chemicals or bleaches that other products have. It is a medical-grade silicone that will not react with your vagina that can maintain a healthy space. The smooth material of the period cup will not cause any shredding.

Lesser leaks

A menstrual cup is more significant, making someone a pro for those who have experienced a heavy flow. Once you insert and remove the cup, it will fit you, making it a leak-free period. The suction holes should be at the top, leading to leakage. When you think your menstrual cup is leaking, you must know why.

Travel easier

When you like to travel, or you are on vacation, and you have a period on the date you have to go, that cannot be very pleasant. You will not enjoy it because you have to be careful as it might leak. But you can now do anything when you use menstrual cups.

There are lots of menstrual cups that you have thought of. But using a period cup makes it easier and hassle-free. You will be comfortable once you know how to insert it. You can do any activity that you like to achieve.

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