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Do you adore air travel? Have you ever had trouble with a misprinted name on a ticket? If so, you might have changed your mind and purchased a new ticket. However, today most popular airlines, like Delta Airlines, provide their customers with a straightforward option to change the name on their Delta tickets. This policy is known as the “ Airlines Name Change Policy.”

So what does the Airlines Name Correction Policy entail? It enables travellers to change names and fix errors on Delta plane tickets. You cannot, however, transfer your ticket to another traveller.

Continue reading to learn more about using the Airlines Name change policy to change names and fix errors on airline tickets.

Important Things to Know About Airlines Name Change on Ticket 

Passengers are only permitted to change up to three characters in their names under this policy.  Misspellings on the ticket can be easily fixed by submitting a request for Delta ticket name changes online or offline. A traveller may only use this policy once. In addition, you can only apply the name change policy for completely or partially used airline tickets. The travellers might also be required to provide proof of adoption, marriage, or divorce to confirm Airlines name changes on ticket.

What Will It Cost to Make Name Changes on Delta Air Tickets?

Apply for name changes on the Delta tickets within 24 hours of reservation to save your money and do it free of cost. However, if 24 hours are passed, you may be charged $200 as a name change cost.

 How to Change/Correct the Name on Delta Flight Ticket

Changing or fixing name errors on Delta Flight tickets is very easy. Simply submit your name change or correction request online or offline to Delta Airlines under the Airlines Name Correction Policy. 

You can make name changes on your own via the website. In this method, you are permitted to make simple or minor changes of up to three characters. Other than that, you have two alternatives- take assistance from officials at the airport kiosk or the customer care department. In the latter two methods, you can do major changes by submitting legal papers for marriage, divorce, or adoption.

Online Procedure Steps: Follow these steps to successfully change your name online.

  • On the website, click on the “Manage my travel” option.
  • Now enter the ticket holder’s last name and the ticket number on the given page.
  • Proceed by clicking the “Next” button.
  • Select the reservation to be changed or corrected and click on the “Edit” option.
  • Make the changes you want in your name and save them by clicking on the “Confirm” option.
  • The airlines will send you the final confirmation mail for your acknowledgment at your registered email.

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