Show Support To Friends and Family Members Battling Mental Health Issues

Physically, they may seem to be salubrious, but psychologically they are depressed, and you would not know this. Psychological health problems may or may not show evident signs, but it is a matter of concern. Your friend may be battling stress and anxiety issues, but on the forefront and on Instagram, she is always about those happy memes. That’s the most unsettling thing about mental health issues. They are more nerve wrecking and hard to spot. Today is the time of modern turbulence and uncertainty. Everyone has problems, and to make it worse, we have suffered the pandemic. Most of them have lost their jobs, many are alone, some are stuck willing to return home, and whatnot. It’s December, the time to celebrate Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! It’s the month of joy and auspiciousness, so let’s spread the cheers and laughter all around.

Here are the ways to bring a smile on everyone’s face around you, whether they are sad, alone or depressed. Make an effort towards having family and friends with happy hearts and soul.

Encourage For Yoga Classes: Encourage your family members to take up the practice of daily yoga. Enrol them in some yoga classes or take them to the park every day where everyone practices. Yoga is the art and science that keeps not only the body in shape but also mentally healthy. It comprises breathing techniques and meditation that are the practices for the brain and soul. Regular yoga classes or yoga retreats would surely make them feel happy inside-out.

Spend Time With Them: We all are busy in our daily lives and tend to miss upon the people whom we love the most–our family. It’s a fact, we make plans with our friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, lovers, colleagues but we hardly spend time with our family. There are members in your family like your grandparents, parents that may feel lonely, especially now when they are confined to homes. Spend weekends with them or every night sit with them– talk to them, share memories, play games or just lay in their lap and make them feel cared. If you are in a different city, call them regularly, make surprise visits.

Celebrate Festivals Together: Festivals like Christmas and New Year gives us the opportunity to have a family and friend’s time. Christmas is upcoming, and this is your excuse to celebrate joys with those who matter to you. Decorate the house with a Christmas tree, wreaths, fairy lights. Cook a Christmas special brunch, order Christmas cake, like plum cakes and invite all your closed ones. Have a celebration complete with games, carols, music, and laughter. Such moments will make sad souls happy. It will be a much-needed respite. Such frequent celebrations can also do wonders for a person’s mental well-being. Acceptance, lively ambience, days when people can laugh are important for each and one’s sanity.

Always Be Gentle: Anyone who is sad or is going through anxiety issues needs an ear to vent out and a person to calm them. To your friends and family, be that person. Whenever they text or call, patiently listen to them and offer solicited advice. Don’t be rude or harsh. Be gentle and calm because they need more loving and soft souls around them.

Do Not Boycott Them: Please do not boycott them. People suffering from mental health issues may withdraw themselves or may act differently. But, you need to be the person with a bigger heart. Depict compassion and kindness. Shower love as much as you can. Love can heal the deepest of wounds.

Be the friend or family member who is always there. Be the reason for someone’s happiness and not sadness.

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