What to gift your husband to shower love and spark romance

‘You are my honey bum, sugar plum’ we all love the song and sing it to our loved ones every now and then. In moments of bliss and love, lighting candles in the house, we hum this song while making food for our hubby, we sing it out loud. All this emotion of flooding love and sentiments can be collectively communicated to the apple of our eye through gift hampers. Range of exciting gifts that will blow their minds is available at affordable prices on the internet. All you have to do is spend some time surfing the net, and you will be all ready to surprise the charm of your dreams with the best gifts for men.


It is a style statement, men taking out their wallets from their back pockets. It can be slaying to a woman if done just right with confidence and style. Gift your husband a classy black or leather brown wallet and enjoy the luxury of watching him pull this off in style and grace every time.

Grooming kit

Men may resent the idea of dressing up and looking like charming models but not anymore when they do the styling in the comforts of their own house. A scrub, a face mask, shaving kit, beard oil, beer shampoo, loofa are some items that may bag a plate in that gift box of yours.

Suit piece

While it is a daunting task, getting the perfect size of the short and pant to surprise your husband with a dashing attire, with the new trend of gifting suit piece all four troubles will be looked after. You know his style, all you need to do is to his favourite brand and pick out one or two options as per your budget of cloth piece for board meetings and family outings.

Tie and now

If your husband is an executive in a prestigious company, it is required he outsmarts everyone with intelligence and looks as well. Gift him a smart tie or now what he may like better that goes with some suit piece that he may have. He will flaunt the truest most extravagant version of himself rocking the attire his wife gifted him.

Set of wine glasses

The setting for occasional drinking is often high class and preferable to be done, making a statement of your prestige and quality of life. For times when you and your husband have your bosses or friends over for chit chat or parties, casual but stunning looking wine glasses can do wonders to keep up with your image.

Personalised coffee mug

If your husband happens to be the early morning bird who scrolls the social media and goes through the paper, the second thing he has in his other hand is definitely a coffee mug. For this geeky nerd for the morning that you date, gift a customized mug that says ‘morning Mr. Nerd’ or ‘lost your specs again?’. Both conversational and funny it will be a good vibe to be around

Key chain

A key chain that is symbolic of your love or his passion and personality will make your choice easier of picking one from the one million available. Write a note or select a picture clicked together; a joke could be acceptable too. You know the bubbly or lovey dovey relationship you share with you other half, spin it around.

Excited about this gifting spree right ahead of us. Begin preparing and plan a perfect date and surprise to astonish your husband.

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